Thursday, February 23, 2012

CG history

CG technology has improved movie industry through CG characters, virtual simulations, and live-action composites.

Recently almost movies that is screened in the movie theater are somehow used CG techniques. There is not only complate CG animation movie like Toy Story, Cars, Finding Nimo, or shrek, but also live-action movies which is subsidiarily used CG techniques. Specifically latest that techniques are quite difficult to notice in the movie. I'll write about what has CG techneiqus effected movie industory until now through CG history.

How to be used CG techniques.
Do you know how to be used CG techniques in these movies. Like Toy Story or Shrek are used that all of workflow. Characters, cloth, items, cars, planes, buildings, tree, ocean, mountain, and so on. All of thengs are created on computer by CG designers. In the live-action movies might be also used these things as CG images depend on situation. However like Gollum in The Lord of The Rings was created complate CG character.

High quality live-action composite
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button tried realistic human face by CG. Digital domain created main characters young and old face that is difficult to recognize CG or real. We could become to watch the non-existent real human by these techniques.

Advanced CG human face
TRON was released in 1982. Even though TRON didn't capture the box office. The visual effects that was used in the movie was assessed by some people who have foresight. Incidentally TORN was remade as "TRON legacy" by Joseph Kosinski in 2010. Digital Domain had charge of the VFX. In fact all of Jeff Bridges face was depicted by computer graphics because they needed to express young Jeff Bridges in the movie. If these techniques improve more, we might be able to meet great people who made by CG in the screen. You can find evolution of CG techniques in this comparing movie.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Day

This is the Valentine's movie.It was launched in 2010.
Unfortunetely I couldn't get any chocolates in this year. How was your Valentine's day?

Director : Garry Marshall
Writers : Katherine Fugate (screenplay), Katherine Fugate (story), and 2 more credits »
Stars : Julia Roberts, Jamie Foxx and Anne Hathaway
Official Page : Valentine's Day Official site

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

the Adventures of Tintin

I went to a movie thieater in international village to watch "the adventure of TinTin" 2 weeks ago on Friday. The movie is CG animation which is launch as 3D movie. When I arrived there, Chinese new year party was being held and there were so many asian people in the event holl on the ground floor. I was interest in the event. Before watching the movie I walked around there. I saw some people who wear a chinese dress was selling something that made from China on the aisle.

After walked around I went to the box office to buy the ticket. Actually "TinTin" mean penis in Japan. This movie is screened another name as "TanTan" in Japan. But I wanted to watch the movie. When I bought the ticket, I couldn't stop loughing. It was complately comedy for me. At the last a box office staff said me enjoy TinTin. He gave the finish blow to me.

The Thieater wasn't crowded because it was around Friday noon and thank to the Chinese new year event. Of cause the movie doesn't have any adult shots. It was nice movie which is used awesome CG thqunics. I spent a nice time. Lately these CG technologies are improving. I'm lookig forward to watch the CG movie to know evolution of these CG tequnics.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


I'm going to introduce fxguide that focuses on the movies making about visual effects in movie making. I couldn't get any information about the owner of the site. I think it is not made by many people. Because this site is usually only once updated in a day.

These posts on the site are very formal, in addition it is nicely uploaded many pictures and movies. The good point of the site is that we can know about the background of the movies through the making movie and some pictures.

fxguide is also high quality site. If the site posts the news more often, I think it will be getting better.


Today, I'm going to introduce the web magazine site that is Engadget. This web site focuses on the electric devices for computer geeks. Engadget is run by the group that has over 40 workers in AOL inc. You can know about these editors in the about page. They each have their own twitter account.

Depending on writer this site posts are basically polite. This site's update is fast. We can know about the new gadgets in this site. Computer geeks regardless like those new gadgets.

I think that Engadget is high quality web magazine site except for ad space. It should be small header and ad space. Sometimes I can't recognize that posted images or ad images.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Advertising Design Class "Design is love"

Good afternoon.

I made a image that discribe myself in Advertising Design Class in this morning. We created own images by photoshop. We got a lot of images from online. after that we organize these images on the digital campus. This work was quite fun for me. I really like creating something.

I describe flowers, water, plants and so on by some designed curve lines, butterflies. These are happen from the heart. This image title is "Design is love". I wanted to inform that the design is a compassion for someone who use it. I think and believe that it is most important thing in designing.

I hide my name characters in this pattern. Please try to look for that.

Monday, February 6, 2012


Hello world!
Welcome my blog "Ryo+". I opened a new blog account in the Blogger. I'll post some news, images, something to interst in English. I'm a freelance designer. Mainly Computer Graphics, Web Designing, and 2D Graphics. I can use Autodesk and Adobe CS applications.

I've been in Vancouver as a International student from Japan for around 5 months. My hobbies are watching movies and drawing pictures. I can ballroom dance. I'd belonged to the dance club in my University for 4 years.

I sometimes upload some pictures and articles on Facebook. It's my Facebook account.

Thank you for your time to read.